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Puma Hunting Knife Review; Getting The Cutting Edge Underneath The Opportunity

Puma is known as by many professionals to be the elite, the treatment of the plant, the absolute cutting-edge in design, power and pure type, as it pertains to hunting blades. Well-designed of the greatest quality products, PUMA knives dont come low-cost but theyre quality completely. Each blade is hand-ground, and each knife is constructed by hand. The workmanship and materials have made PUMA blades more than the best quality knife to have in the field theyre lovers objects in their own right.

In 1953, the business changed its course somewhat to focus o-n manufacturing useful shopping, fishing, survival, sporting and outdoor blades. In 1956, PUMA created what’s probably its most well-known blade actually, the PUMA White Hunter, for an East African hunting business. For more than 200 years, Solingen, Germany is the way to obtain the finest knives made anywhere in the world, and since 1920, the best-of these knives have carried the name PUMA.


PUMA knives are manufactured from premium DI.4 steel, each independently drop forged and hardened to hold the keenest possible edge. Each design has a number and a name engraved o-n the blade, combined with year of its manufacture an additional benefit for collectors, who think it is an easy task to date PUMA blades when determining values. The addresses are made of all natural materials, generally stag horn or bone, and every detail is made of-the best material available.

PUMA Blades for Hunting and Sporting

The most popular PUMAs are the ones that have stood the test of time. Being among the most well-known and prized are:

PUMA Bowie Knife

Bowie is the ultimate title in hunting knives, with its large fixed-blade that makes it perfect for fishing, hunting, hiking and self-defense. This dynamite use with has a pile of surprising suggestions for when to see it. The PUMA Bowie is a full 1-1 long with a single-edged blade, a genuine stag handle, and an entirely riveted tang. This is the knife that Jim Bowie wanted when h-e first commissioned the knife that bears his name.

PUMA Skinner Blade

Skinning knives are a must for predators, and the PUMA is designed with a blade long enough to give the choice to you of employing a direct, rounded or pointed edge to simplify the tasks you require it to perform. It also has a 5 stag handle thats created to match your hand comfortably, and when working with a wet, slippery blade a hand guard to keep your fingers out of harms way.

PUMA White Hunter

Possibly the most well-known shopping knife ever developed, the White Hunter features a partly serrated blade that’s shaped to generate all the tasks you employ a knife for easier. Its 1-1 long over all with a full, entirely riveted tang, an integrated hand guard and a stag horn handle. It had been first introduced in 1956, and has exploded popular over the decades. To get additional information, please peep at: The 50th Anniversary model is meant to be the greatest gift for a collector of fine blades. Its a truly luxurious knife cast of Damascus metal Rockwell tried to 55-60 hardness. The handle is of ebony with nickel silver boosts, and the black leather sheath is accented with nickel silver. PUMA is just production 50 of the 50th Anniversary edition global, to help enhance its interest to collectors. Its the gift of a lifetime for a significant knife collector.. Click here click for to learn how to consider this activity.

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