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Chris Oyakhilome – Nigerian Christian minister, author, activist, television personality, relief, and creator of the Christ Embassy

Back on June 11, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was rightly honored by his alma mater, Ambrose Alli University using a Doctor of Science degree. The reason for this honour was to thank Dr. Oyakhilome for life of benefits and achievement in the African nation.

The jubilation of this esteemed event were apparent. Shouts of joy and song from attenders offered thank you for the pastor. To get one more interpretation, consider glancing at: via. Some attendees stood in amazement, seeing the legendary Oyakhilome for the very first time inperson. The orgasm of the occasion was the symbolic outfitting of Oyakhilome in the college ceremonial robe, a gesture of deep court by the school.

The day’s services couldn’t have been more fitting and grand for this newest honor to the curate. High ranking political dignitaries, executives in the college as well as other educational companies, BLW managers, university students, and lots of others shaped the contest participants and attendees. For extra information, people are asked to check-out: webaddress. At the middle of all actions was the very deserving, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome.

Dr. Benson, BIU’s own university chancellor talked in excellent praise of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, saying “A prophet is without honour in his own home but we’ve decided to honor you”. Professor Izevbigie, who’s also the college vice chancellor together with Governor of Edo State happily adorned the service having a most charming address and tribute to Oyakhilome along with his life’s perform.

The new Doctor of Divinity case, Pastor Joe Oyakhilome continues to beam in a spot and world wanting a-star. Identify more on a related portfolio by visiting see here. Events such as for example these have begun to manifest, illustrating a lifestyle full of good actions and vision returning full circle. We eagerly anticipate the long run accomplishments and following and extremely worthy acknowledgement of the continued life-work of Dr. Bob Oyakhilome.

For anyone unfamiliar with Oyakhilome, he’s a Nigerian Christian minister, writer, activist, television character, relief, and founder of the Christ Embassy, a church and outreach program located in Lagos, Nigeria. His life-work has been comprised of offering and benefiting the folks of Africa. At this time the people of Africa as well as all over the world, are giving back to the very worthwhile parson..

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